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The TravelBullz User Interface is a uniquely designed distribution system of travel related products online from the Destination Management Company TravelBullz, to our travel trade partners worldwide.

It is a B2B site only. Please register your company by filling up the following form to be able to view and book our global products and services. A unique agent code, login name and password will be generated and emailed to you. By logging in to the system, agent accepts all terms and conditions for the use of the online system. We recommend you to click on the given link for our detailed terms & conditions / privacy policy link to go through and agree to all the conditions.

This site provides access to a wide range of information on Worldwide destinations and products. Our technology scans multiple sources of static and dynamic products (hotels, tours, transfers and adhoc services like meal and discount vouchers) online in a few seconds to present you with the best available prices at all times.

We offer instant online confirmations. Security and privacy are of the utmost importance to us, and these are backed by our Privacy Policy. We do not sell or rent our customers' personal information and have no intention of doing so in the future. For more information please read our User Agreement.

  • We provide 24/7 operational support.
  • There is no requirement of a minimum number of bookings to use the system.
  • Emergency numbers are available to all clients in all destinations.
  • 15-days credit facility is possible with a fixed security deposit.
  • Real-time confirmations are available at competitive wholesale rates.
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